Memorex 700MB/80-Minute 52x CD-R Media 100-Pack Spindle

Five Stars, September 17, 2014
Always work great. No problem

Watch out if they are made in India!, September 12, 2014
I bought a 100 spindle of them a couple a couple days ago. BIG mistake!

The ones I got were actually made in India by a company called Moser-Baer. I think the widely varying reviews might be because some are made in China (much better quality) and some are made in India by Moser-Baer (REALLY terrible quality).

I've been burning CD's since CDR's first became available 20+ years ago (back then, the blanks cost $22 each!). These have the highest error counts BY FAR I have ever seen. Thousands of unrecoverable C2 the point of the drive shutting down with a failed burn message. And yes, I tried them on different drives and different computers...same dismal result.

Nero "CD Speed" rates the quality of just about all my burns on other brands at 95 or higher (usually 98). These junky things rate ZERO...every single one that I tired was ZERO! Drop-outs, clicks, pops, etc on every disc I tried to burn. Completely useless.

Stick with TY, or Verbatim if you want quality burns. And no, I don't work for any CDR company or distributor, and I almost never post a bad review here.

Buyer beware! If they are made in India, you will probably get the same useless junk.
Dave O.

Off-gasses but does work well, September 7, 2014
Works well


They are reasonably priced and work well. The only problem I have is when I take the lid off- the smell sucks my breath away and it only gets worse when burning each disc.

Five Stars, August 8, 2014
Blank CD's.

Five Stars, August 6, 2014
Simply good.

Five Stars, August 5, 2014
Arrived safely. Thanks

Five Stars, August 5, 2014

Five Stars, July 26, 2014
Great product, very convenient at an economical price

safer choice, July 23, 2014
Lots of people don’t use CDs anymore to store data that doesn’t involve pop music or movies. That makes it a little more secure than most because they can be inconspicuous. These stacks are great for my use.

I always use Memorex blank media. I have photos ..., July 19, 2014
I always use Memorex blank media. I have photos stored on 205 blu ray discs, 1655 dvds and a bunch of cds from years ago and everything still works.