Memorex 700MB/80-Minute 52x CD-R Media 100-Pack Spindle

The cd package was open when I open the box ..., July 7, 2014
The cd package was open when I open the box. I have not had a chance to use any yet. I hope they are all there. I thought for sure I ordered the printable cd's. However, with the past 10 items I have received the packaging has been great. I haven't had any problems with the cd's in the past.

Five Stars, July 6, 2014
love it

Three Stars, July 5, 2014
screwed up and thought I was buying dvds

These CDs work pretty well for burning auditory material, July 4, 2014
These CDs work pretty well for burning auditory material.... Sometimes with other brands it is difficult to get a good copy

Disappointed, June 29, 2014
The packaging was all fine & dandy until started to burn copies with this brand!
More than half of these blanks were not 'recording' so will be sending the defective
ones back! "NOT A BLANK COPY" (?) Is all that read on the recording screen.
Sony brand (the very best) is not available at our local Wal-Mart & pricey everywhere
else, having no choice, purchased Memorex and sooooo disappointed.


great, June 18, 2014
So thankful I could buy these in bulk here. We use these for crafts and they are your generic cd's
and work just fine.

Complaint, June 17, 2014
I rarely have any complaint when it comes to products I buy since I expect a certain amount of deficiency when it comes to what they will deliver. But when you go through 7 CDs out of the bunch and all of them turn out to be failures, you really have to put your foot down. This product has disappointed me, I’m afraid.

Packaging!, June 17, 2014
The cd's are good no problems with them but it seems that they could be package better.
When they arrived the box they were in were in horrible condition, and some the covers on the spindles were totally off and cd's in box. I had to put cd's back on spindles and find 2 spindles that we had left over to put the new cd's on.

Just very bad packaging

nice buy, June 11, 2014
great sound for music, I also use them to store photos and documents on. the 100 pack is a great buy.

beware of copywrite......, June 1, 2014
with my rca burner, it is recommended to switch "recording in" from digital to analog. this tells me the medium being recorded is copy protected. if your cd burner is loaded with a "serial copy management system", you will have no success at all. your recording will sound like scrambled eggs. this imbedded, undesirable software is to protect royalties. another reason for failure is "finalization". the cd needs an end. finalizing give the cd a TOC (table of content). without it, other machines will amuse your disk is empty or blank. remember, recordable cd's marked music have paid a royalty for each disc manufactured. we must assume, there is a built in code on every blank cd, which music cd burners detect, therefore allow recording of music. data cd's have no such agreement and therefore will not record music or record anything that most cd players will recognize. got it? quiz is tomorrow. regards uncle ralphie